Even in the digital age, public servants tend to job with both paper documents and computer files.
One scholar claims that “public administration has no generally traditional definition”, because the “scope of the subject is so great as well as so debatable that it is easier to make clear than define”. Public administration is a field of study and an profession. There is much difference about whether the study of public administration can correctly be called a discipline, mostly because of the debate over whether public administration is a subfield of political science or a subfield of administrative science”. Scholar Donald Kettl is among those who examine public administration “as a subfield within political science”.
The North American Industry Classification method definition of the Public Administration (NAICS 91) division states that public administration “… comprises establishments primarily engaged in behavior of a governmental nature, that is, the performance and judicial understanding of laws and their pursuant regulations, and the administration of program based on them”. This include “Legislative activities, taxation, national defense, public order and security, immigration military, foreign affairs and international support, and the administration of government programs are activities that are purely governmental in nature”.
From the academic viewpoint, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) in the United States define the study of public administration as “A program that prepares individuals to serve as managers in the executive arm of local, state, and federal government and that focuses on the systematic study of executive organization and management. Includes instruction in the roles, development, and principles of public administration; the management of public policy; executive-legislative relations; public budgetary processes and financial management; administrative law; public personnel management; professional ethics; and research methods.”.


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